WPI-C16 Week 1 (17-23 Jan 2016)

This week in ME1800 we will really get rolling. You will note that I don’t like to spend a lot of time during class dealing with logistical issues and I will use this site coupled with myWPI announcements and brief statements at the end of lecture to convey this type of information. You will also note if you read my email FAQ that email is not the best way to communicate with me about the class, please only email me if the issue is personal in nature if it is a question about an assignment or something I said or forgot to say in class I want the whole class to benefit from the information and the answer.

Each week ofthe term on Sunday evening I will post a message like this indicating what we will do the following week in class and outlining the assignments that are due.

As this term goes by I will be posting readings for each week’s lecture and lab topics. These will primarily be draft chapters from two books I am in the process of writing “The Art of Manufacturing”, and “Manufacturing 101 for Engineers”. The copyright for both books and the posted chapters rests with the publisher, Engineering Media Productions LLC, and is given to you with permission.




  • Monday / Tuesday (No Labs)
  • Wednesday / Thursday
    • Y-Block Production Lab
    • Getting Started with CAM

Assignments Due

  • Before your first Lab Exercises 1-5 from “Engineering 101 for Engineers”
    • Due Before your First Lab
  •  Getting Started With CAM (WPI LearnCNC)
    • Due Friday at Midnight
  • Survey 1 (myWPI)
    • Due Friday at Midnight
  • Quiz 1, an Individual Exercises (myWPI)
    • Due Friday at Midnight