ME1800 C16 Week 0

Welcome to ME1800. This website will be used to communicate with you on a weekly basis. Each week there will be a listing of the weeks assignments and their due dates/times. The site also includes lints to all of the courses resources including live video broadcasts of the lectures as well as video capture there of.

  • Before emailing me about a class issue please take a look at my email FAQ at
  • The discussion forum on myWPI will be monitored and that is the place to ask questions about the class.
  • There are assignments that must be completed before our class on Tuesday but you will not need myWPI access to complete them.
  • There are assignments that must be completed before your first lab. Again you will not need myWPI to access or complete these assignments.
  • I will attempt to provide live video/audio and recordings of all of the lectures but cannot guarantee that it will work.
  • I expect you to come to class prepared to participate and engage in a discussion on the lecture topics. You can expect the same from me.

Reading / Assignments

Before Tuesday’s lecture:

Before your first lab:

  • “Manufacturing 101 for Engineers” pp 1-48 “Before your first lab”
  • Complete the 5 Exercises in the Before your first lab Section of “Manufacturing 101 for Engineers”
    • Subscription code for WPI LearnCNC: “ME1800C16”