Lab Practical

Lab Practical

The Lab Practical is an exercise to test your ability to follow the six safety steps; it will consist of engraving the base. The grading will be as follows:

● If you completely miss one of the six safety steps during your lab practical then it must be retaken.

● If you ask a question about how to complete one of the six safety steps, you will be penalized 5 points for each question. You will not be penalized more than 25 points per safety step if multiple questions are asked about the same safety step. You may ask general questions without penalty.

● You will have 20 minutes to machine the part (15 to start the program). For every 5 minutes over this time, you will be penalized 5 points.

● If you begin to machine the part and realize you have missed performing one of the six safety steps, you may stop the program and perform the missed safety step without penalty.

● During your Lab Practical, you may use any materials used in the course as well as any notes you have prepared for yourself. (From experience watching students in the past, we do suggest that – even if you are comfortable using the machine – you prepare at least a brief outline or blurb about what you need to do to machine a part.)

● If you crash the machine, you receive a 0 on your Lab Practical and have to retake it.

● For each retake of the lab practical exam the students possible score will be reduced by 15%. Ie. On a second lab practical attempt the student can obtain a maximum score of 85%. On the second retake (or third try) the student can receive a maximum score of 70%.

The Lab Practical will proceed as follows:

● Before the Lab Practical starts, you will have the opportunity to ask the lab instructor any questions that you may have.

● The machine will be off, but the program will be loaded.

● Before your Lab Practical officially starts, you should open the Safe Operation Checklist, and gather any reference material you would like to use.

● When ready, you will notify the PLA administering your Lab Practical that you are ready to begin.

● When your Lab Practical has officially begun, you will be responsible for doing the steps necessary to machine the part. This will include:

o Loading your tool(s) o Choosing your parallels and fixturing your workpiece o Following the six safety steps  Submitting the Safe Operation Checklist Informing the administering PLA when you finish.

● Time will stop when the part has been successfully machined.

● NOTE: please realize that on Canvas the grading may not be out of 100 points.

ME1800 Lab Final Examination


You will have twenty minutes to successfully machine a program given to you by the exam proctor. You are responsible for being able to:

1. Load and probe your tools 

2. Correctly fixture your workpiece 

3. Locate the program’s origin and set your work offsets accordingly 

4. Simulate your program both in Esprit and on the Controller 

5. Check distance to go on each tool 

6. Successfully machine the part without crashing

Crashes are defined as any event that causes damage to Washburn shops property or to any human. If the Proctoring PLA feels the need to press the Emergency Stop button during the lab exam, even if nothing is damaged, this still counts as a Crash.