Group Assignment 2


Follow the example in the video below and create and Excel Workbook (use the template) that can be used to solve the types of problems listed below.

Excel Template:

Reference Materials

Group Assignment 2 Questions

Create an Excel file to answer the following questions:

  1. Given values:
       Side edge cutting angle (degrees): 15
       Feed (mm/rev): 0.5

             Uncut chip thickness (mm): 0.483


  1. Given values:
       Uncut chip thickness (in): .48
       Chip thickness (in): .63
       Rake angle (degrees): 15

             Shear angle (degrees): 42.5

  1. Given values:
       Friction Force (lbs): 100
       Normal Force (lbs): 50

             Friction angle (degrees): 63.43

  1. Given values:
       Rake angle (degrees): 5
       Shear angle (degrees): 40
       Uncut chip thickness (in): 0.05
    Width of cut (in): 0.075
       Cutting force (lbs): 300
       Thrust force (lbs): 150

             Dynamic shear stress (psi): 22865.27

  1. Given values (for a turning operation):
       Original Diameter (in): 0.75
       Final diameter (in): 0.7
       Feed (in/rev): 0.01
       Spindle Speed (RPM): 2000

             Material Removal rate (in^3/min): 1.14

  1. Given values (for a turning operation with no tail stock):
       Original Diameter (in): 0.75
       Depth of cut (in): 0.02
       Total cutting force (lbf): 300
    Workpiece elastic modulus (psi): 1*10^8

             Final diameter of the part as a function of distance from the chuck:

  1. Given values:
       Original Diameter (in): 2
       Final Diameter (in): 1.8
       Spindle Speed (RPM): 1500

             Surface Speed at the cutting edge of the tool (SFM): 746

  1. Given values:
       Clamping force (lbf): 2000
       Friction coefficient between chuck jaws and part: 0.75
       Spindle speed (RPM): 1600
       Mass of Chuck Jaws (lbs): 2
    Dia. of the workpiece (in): 1

             Maximum allowable cutting force (lbf): 1445.

  1. Given values:
       Measured Power to the spindle (kW): 1
       Measured thrust force (lbs): 100
       Surface Speed (SFM): 300
       Rake angle (degrees): 25

             Friction coefficient on the rake face: 1.67

  1. Given values:
       Clamping force (lbs): 250
       Dimensions of stock material (in): 4 W x 4 L x 1 T
       Material’s elastic modulus (psi): 1 x 10^7
       Dimensions of a rectangular pocket to be machined through the part (in): 1 x 1 x 1

             Dimensions of the finished pocket after the part is released from the fixture (in): 1 x 1.000006 x 1