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C17 Week 2

Reading (become familiar with the NIST website) (pp 4- 8) Machinery’s Handbook Secion on estimating speeds and power. Lecture Quality Metrology Roughness Quality Metrology Roughness Energy and Power Lab Continue CAM (Computers) Initial Engraving (Mill), Mill Work Offsets (Mill), Cylinder Machining (Lathe) Homework / Assignments Due Week 1 Quiz Monday at Midnight […]

C17 Week 0

To do this week Lecture – Thursday 11:00-11:50 in AK233 Lab – NO LABS Homework (Complete by 17 January 2017) Get a lab voucher from the bookstore Read the Class Syllabus Visit and download the following The CNC Quick Guide for Haas Mills Manufacturing 101 for Engineers (Draft 1/14/17) The Art of Manufacturing (Draft […]


Required Reading Prof. Joseph Datsko on Chip Formation Chip Formation Theory – Christopher A. Brown Advanced Fixture Design for FMS, Chapter 2 Week 2 Quiz Wednesday, 14 Sept., Midnight CAM 2.3 Wednesday, 14 Sept., Midnight CAM 3 Friday, 16 Sept., Midnight Week 3 Survey Friday, 16 Sept., Midnight Group Assignment 2 Monday, 19 Sept., Midnight Week 3 Quiz Wednesday, 21 Sept., Midnight […]


Required Reading The Metrology Handbook  (0-87389-620-3, 978-0-87389-620-7), Bucher, Jay L.. ASQ Quality Press, 2004. Pages 149-156. Machinery’s Handbook  (0-8311-2801-1, 978-0-8311-2801-2), 28th ed. / Oberg, Erik. Industrial Press, Incorporated, 2008. Pages 1052-1062. Submit for Grading Week 1 Quiz Wednesday, 7 Sept., Midnight CAM 2.1 Wednesday, 7 Sept., Midnight CAM 2.2 Friday, 9 Sept., Midnight […]


Required Reading The Course Syllabus “The Art of Manufacturing” pp 10-16 “The world’s oldest profession” (open in a new tab) “The Art of Manufacturing” pp 17-30 “Lean Manufacturing” (open in a new tab) “Manufacturing 101 for Engineers” pp 1-48 “Before your first lab” (open in a new tab) Complete the 5 Exercises in the Before […]

WPI-C16 Week 1 (17-23 Jan 2016)

This week in ME1800 we will really get rolling. You will note that I don’t like to spend a lot of time during class dealing with logistical issues and I will use this site coupled with myWPI announcements and brief statements at the end of lecture to convey this type of information. You will also […]

ME1800 C16 Week 0

Welcome to ME1800. This website will be used to communicate with you on a weekly basis. Each week there will be a listing of the weeks assignments and their due dates/times. The site also includes lints to all of the courses resources including live video broadcasts of the lectures as well as video capture there […]

ME1800 A15 Week 6 (4 – 10 Oct.)

ME1800 A15 Week 5 (27 Sept. – 3 Oct.)

ME1800 A15 Week 4 (20-26 Sept)