C18 Week 4

This week you are finishing up group assignment 2 and we start talking about design. On Tuesday we look at what we need to know to design fixtures and we explore some possible solutions. Wednesday there is no lecture and on Thursday we will introduce the critical concepts of functional design from the perspective of the manufacturing engineer.


  • Understand how to estimate cutting forces that need to be considered when designing fixtures.
  • Understand basic principles of fixturing both kinetic and kinematic.
  • Be able to describe the fundamentals of design.
  • Discuss design methods and tools.




For Reference

Hand in on Canvas

Wk4 Monday 2/5/18 23:59 Canvas Week 4 Survey 1
Wk4 Wednesday 2/7/18 14:00 Canvas Group Assignment 2 5
Wk4 Friday 2/9/18 23:59 Canvas CAM 4 4

The Week 3 Quiz is moved to next Week.

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