C18 Week 1

First off I want to apologize I titled last week’s post “Week 1”, when by my counting, last week was Week Zero.  Opps!  I hope there won’t be too much confusion.

This week will be a busy Week 1 in ME1800.  We have 3 lectures, reading assignments to do, homework assignments due, and we will start labs this week. This week we will introduce the topic of Lean Manufacturing which will be a recurring theme through out this course. Following that introduction we will spend the rest of the week examining the Process Variables in Manufacturing Engineering (specifically those associated with machining,) In Manufacturing Science these are considered to be the independent variables.  These are the things we get to control as manufacturing engineers. In lab you will begin the process of becoming familiar with the CNC machine tools we will use in the class and will experience the life as a Machine Tool Operator. There are several Assignments due this week


  • Introduce Lean Manufacturing.
  • Develop an understanding of PVs in Manufacturing and how to choose them.
  • Get started with CNC machining in the lab




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