A17 Week 2

This week in ME1800 we will form groups, and complete our first group assignment. In class we will finish up our discussion of Art to Part and PVs and then look at issues concerning quality and measurement. We will look at topics covering measurement tools and measurement uncertainty, develop inspection plans, discuss SPC and Quality Assurance, and begin a discussion of what might cause quality problems. In labs we will continue to practice operating the CNC mills and begin to introduce turning operations on the lathes, and will go into more depth in the CAM exercises.

Assignments Due

Week 1 Quiz — Lean Manufacturing – Process Variables in Manufacturing 2.5 9/4/17 11:59 PM
Group Project 1 — Getting to know your group 2.5 9/8/17 11:59 PM
Survey 2 1 9/8/17 11:59 PM
CAM 2.1 2.5 9/8/17 11:59 PM



In the Computer Lab area you will need to finish up CAM 1 Getting started if you haven’t already and complete the first part of CAM 2 Standard Milling Operations and features. You will learn how to create the G-Code that at the machines can read and a little about how to read it yourself sou you will at least know what the machine tool is about to do.

At the machines you will operate a mill with a little more opportunity to do something wrong than last week and depending on the schedule begin to familiarize yourself with the Haas Lathes we have i the lab. It is important for us at this point in the class for you to get a little out of phase with each other in the labs. Most lab exercises are available for longer than one week to make sure everyone has a chance to do each exercise.